What is flatnumber?

Flatnumber is an online tool which assists in organising a home association in a simple logical way; a practical real-time solution for administrators, flat owners and all neighbours.

Explore flatnumber's key features

Input the information once and all the records will be updated accordingly. Users can verify their details and amend them if they change their phone or email.

We will send an email or sms to all neighbours... using always user's updated contact details.

Use the on-line voting system for minor decisions. You can create a personalized poll in seconds.

Once you input any transacion in the system, flatnumber generates all the accounting records for you. This allows you to generate sofisticated reports or to check updated balances anytime.

You dont need to be an accountant to process any transaction, with just a few clicks all required details are inputted in the system. Then all the information is available for all the owners.

Do you still need to calculate and issue fees per owner? Flatnumber can automatically send emails with the corresponding fees to each owner.

We will send recurrent reminders to those who didnt pay their fees.

We provide a ticket based system that keeps track of any maintenance, complain or requests.

You just need to follow one easy step in order to start using flatnumber.